Building and scaling global businesses across a diverse range of industries.

We are a strategic investor with a track record of creating value and building business in a multitude of sectors.

Alongside financial investment, we deliver intellectual capital and access to our Group’s extensive network and international footprint. Metdist Capital’s active based investment philosophy derives from three highly successful generations.


Metdist has given us the space and encouragement to think beyond and to identify and solve the customer’s unstated needs.

Prakash PrabhuCEO, atyati


Leveraging proprietary technology to reach over one hundred million underserved customers.

Metdist has used its extensive network to broaden atyati’s customer base. We have widened the product range, built process and governance and focussed on technological innovation and design.


Metdist has an ambitious long-term vision for Andromeda, embracing the enormous growth potential within Indian financial services.

V SwaminathanCEO, Andromeda


Building India’s largest financial distribution network.

Andromeda partners with over seventy of India's leading financial institutions and serves more than five million customers. Metdist is accelerating Andromeda's growth through investment in technology, expansion of its physical footprint and the provision of new products.


Working with Metdist helped us achieve our vision of taking our business to the next level and thrive in a very competitive market.

Adam CukrowskiFounder & CEO, Revonic


Steering a digital agency towards its next growth stage.

Metdist has repositioned Revonic as a leading experience design agency in the Middle East, supported growth in new markets of KSA and Egypt and established an offshore centre in India.


Metdist’s entrepreneurial approach to business has helped position Spykar as one of India’s leading denim brands.

Sanjay VakhariaCEO, Spykar


Rebuilding an iconic Indian FMCG brand.

Metdist has provided the business acumen to accelerate the geographic expansion, broaden the product range and strengthen the financial standing of the business.


Kortext has ambitious plans to internationalise its business, including across high growth markets such as India and the wider ASEAN region. We are delighted to have partnered with Metdist to help us deliver on this ambition.

James GrayFounder and CEO, Kortext


Digitising the education landscape.

Metdist is playing an important role in the international expansion strategy and building local capability for execution.

Advanced Oncotherapy

Our partnership with Metdist was based on a shared vision of democratising proton therapy and supported by our plans to install the LIGHT system globally.

Nicolas SerandourCEO, AVO plc

Advanced Oncotherapy

Committed to defeating cancer.

Advanced Oncotherapy (“AVO”) is using pioneering technology to democratise and improve the delivery of proton beam therapy for the treatment of cancer. Metdist has partnered with AVO to help take the product to market, scale the business and build an international footprint. The objective is to provide greater access to AVO’s proprietary LIGHT technology. As part of this mission, children’s cancers will be treated at cost.